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Scar Tissue

I too have long believed that, for the most part, I had defeated those demons; or at least come to an agreement. I guess the problem is that for the demons you do defeat, their slain memory is replaced with scar tissue.


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In a few weeks I will be returning ‘home’ and as I stand on the cusp, I am presented with my own confusion as to how I feel about that.

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Downward day

The stress of this year is pinching at my spine, my neck to more exact.

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Tiring Teachers

Hi Linda,

I am a bit concerned about an incident that happened over the weekend involving Isaac, a few female students and a mysterious pizza delivery.

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If you asked someone who knew me well whether I liked camping, they would probably say ‘no – definitely not’. This is an understandable response given my attitude towards invitations to go camping; but it’s not entirely true. Dare I say, that the simple act of camping is a complex one for me.

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My Ideal Home

Lately I’ve been thinking about my ideal house. I’m not sure if this a by-product of my imminent house move into another rental, or a return to my ideals that I lost somewhere along the way during the comprising that occurs in a relationship. No matter the root cause, I’ve been thinking and fantasising a lot about my ideal home and just how I would detail it…

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Half-hearted, Half-assed, and Half-baked.

i just wanna put down all the pressures and feel how i really feel

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