My Ideal Home

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Lately I’ve been thinking about my ideal house.  I’m not sure if this a by-product of my imminent house move into another rental, or a return to my ideals that I lost somewhere along the way during the comprising that occurs in a relationship.  No matter the root cause, I’ve been thinking and fantasising a lot about my ideal home and just how I would detail it…

I think your ideal house says a lot about you; what you value, who you are, where you have been and where you aspire to go.  The type of home and the contents you chose to adorn it are an unveiling of the hidden views, beliefs, and fears that are core to the homes owner.  Ideally speaking (we’ve all been poor students with homes that don’t reflect our core!).

In an ideal world, my home would be a steel-framed, 2 storey pole home, set amongst 2-3 acres of lush bushland.  5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a study and a workshop, with 2m wide veradah wrapping all sides of the home.  A large square area of verandah cantilevering out, perfect for summer dining.  This area, of course, is accessed from the kitchen through french style, bi-fold doors.

Open plan spaces between the kitchen, dining and lounge occupy centre of the home.  There is a separate lounge area at the other end of the house for the adults. The walls of these rooms are largely glassed. Triple glazed with a mix of large pane and louvers to allow cross ventilation and air flow through out.

I am not fussed on the details of the dining, lounge or bedrooms for the most part. The kitchen, however, will have a working bench in the centre, with breakfast bar.   There will be a large gas over and stove – wide enough to place two baking trays side by side (to cook the entire batch of cookies at once!).  Large drawers for my large currying pots, pull out shelving in the pantry, mostly drawers not cupboards underbench, minimal cupboards above with clean lined shelving instead to house my dozens and dozens of spice jars.    A large double sink (ok, it’s really a laundry sink but kitchen sinks are too small!).   Ample room for my stand alone fridge and freezer.  Hanging racks for my key utensils.  An inbuilt wine storage unit under-bench.

And it will be in glorious two-pak, and the bench tops will be laminate.  Yes, laminate.  There is amazing laminate technology out there that gives it the durability and usability of say marble, without the hideous flecks… Not to mention the possibility of designing my own laminate…

I digress.  Overall, the house is uncluttered in its aesthetic with minimal photographs of family and no ‘ornaments’.  Just tasteful artwork, wooden floors, simple furnishings, walls in blues and beiges.  Comfort over design, function over aesthetic.  Maybe a data projector in the lounge for watching movies 🙂

There will be 4 normal sized bedrooms for children and guests, and a large bathroom for their shared use.  Inbuilt storage, simplicity of design, and light and airy are their mottos.  My room shares this motto, but I have thought about it in far greater detail…

My room is my haven, my sanctuary and my time alone.

Firstly it is sparse.  One third of the room will be a closet – a walk through affair so that I may indulge my slightly OCD tendencies to colour coordinate how my clothes hang…  (shhh, you didn’t hear that from me) so clothing, jewelry, shoes, (ie clutter) hidden away behind the 3/4 wall.   On the other side of the wall is my king sized bed.  It faces a large window with views of the tree tops.  The walls are sparse aside from a photograph or two of a landscape, or an artwork.   There is a reading chair in the corner.  That is all.   (For those of you who care, the walls are warm beige; the bedlinen is cream and nature green, 500 – 1000 thread count;  and a woven mat is on the floor.  The bed frame is dark wood, and the chair in the corner is simple, unfussy and comfortable to sit upright.   The incense holders on the window sill are the only other adornments.)

This is my room is my centre.

My room for inspiration is my study.  Again a wall of glass panes and louvres allow air flow and give me the nature I crave.  The wall to the left is a bookcase, filled with my collection (and his, I suppose).  The alcove on the right is for plants (gingers and bromeliads to be exact).

A chaise lounge for reading.  A desk for work.  What more could a girl want?

A garden.

This girl desperately wants her permaculture oasis.  Nothing grand, just enough to be producing 90% of my fruit and vegetables.  Circular vege patches to rotate; runners to allow the chickens to do their thing; a bathtub for chestnuts…  Did I mention the heritage vegetables?  The abundant herbs?  The fruit trees?  Nothing crazy, citrus trees, a mulberry tree, a curry tree, mangoes…  I’ll even graft them to save on watering!

A purposeful, beautiful garden to fulfil all my senses. I could go on and on, but I suspect I’d begin to bore you with talk of water tanks and irrigation; crop rotation; solar panels; harnessing hydropower;  covering my roof in piping…  (The pineapple sage, by the way, is purely for making ice crushed punches!)

Suffice to say, I think a lot about my garden and house. It’s the kind of picture that brings me contentment;  the sort that makes me think I’d happily spend my days there working from home thanks the joy that is the internet;  occupy my time tending to the garden, sewing, painting, cooking.   And as I think of the quiet, the sound of the mickies in the trees, the breezes on the verandah, waking up and seeing the green,  picking the salad from the garden for dinner…  I’m left with a feeling of happiness that naive idealism brings.

It is the only scene that makes me think I would like to have more children…

(shhh, you didn’t hear that from me either!)


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