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November 25, 2008 at 10:29 am 2 comments

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your email.

I am a bit concerned about an incident that happened over the weekend involving Isaac, a few female students and a mysterious pizza delivery. I would like to have another meeting this week to discuss some more of his behaviour and prevention methods to use. Is Friday morning at 8:15am good for you????

Mr May

3/4 Teacher

Mr May

I have heard about the pizza delivery ‘incident’.  From my understanding of the events of Friday, Alice and Isaac had planned for Isaac to prank call her house in order to annoy Alice’s friend who was staying.  This Isaac did so the afternoon, and Alice was aware and ready for this call. I am also aware that Isaac and Fraser had been joking about ordering a pizza to Alice’s house that night.  Fraser was did not come over to Isaac’s Friday afternoon and Isaac was in no position to do it on his own that evening.

As you would be aware, I was away with work Friday morning until Monday.  Isaac was in the care of my flatmate,  Joseph, who, as a high school teacher, was able to organise a spare for his 6th lesson in order to be home with Isaac and my daughter by 4pm. ie. Isaac was supervised from 4pm onwards.

Further, our telephone runs through the Queensland grid.  Were Isaac to phone the 131 number of any pizza company, he would have automatically been put through to a Queensland branch.  If we order any pizza, we have to dial the direct franchise number here in Victoria.  As Isaac has never ordered a pizza on his own, he would not know how to do this and there was certainly no history in the internet cookies to show that he had logged online to find the direct franchise number of the pizza outlet.  Whats-more, had he actually made the call direct to their outlet, their computers would have recognised the Queensland number and that creates a new set of issues.

Regardless of this fact, Alice’s mother was sure enough that it was Isaac for her to ‘redirect’ the pizza to our house on Friday evening.  The confusion that the pizza caused when it arrived again confirms that Isaac had no part in its ordering.  Perhaps Alice’s mother should have contacted the pizza outlet and spoken to the manager to retrieve the calling records prior to making such assumptions.

In all, this leaves me with the unpleasant opinion that

  1. this is not a school issue as it occurred after hours and outside school property;
  2. it is not your role to be involved in mediating this, let alone raising it as an ‘incident’ that requires addressing; and
  3. now that you are involved, it appears that, yet again, it is being poorly managed to the point of bullying or victimising a student. When you spoke with Isaac, did he not tell you that we had a Queensland number?  Were Fraser’s and Alice’s parents invited for a meeting to discuss the ‘incident’ in whole?

Without any proof that Isaac phoned and ordered this pizza, yet with the counter evidence that our phone number is Queensland based and that Alice and Isaac were colluding on other ‘pranks’ throughout the day, I am alarmed that this has been raised in the manner it has.

So I will not be meeting with you to discuss this matter further.  If Alice’s mother would like to contact me, then she clearly knows where I live as she redirected the pizza to our house.

As to the other behavioural issues you mentioned in your email that you would like to discuss, I struggle to motivate myself to meet with you to discuss them.  In our previous meeting we agreed that you would communicate with me on a weekly basis.  I have received one email from you.

If you wish to instigate a more complete behaviour management plan, then by all means I will meet with you to discuss its instigation.  I am not, however, willing to waste a further 15 or 30 minutes discussing with you ineffective management techniques that provide no ongoing consequence for poor behaviour.  For my part, I have engaged Isaac with a psychologist weekly and there seems to be general consensus that Isaac is managing well and that these ‘behavioural’ issues are more akin to preteen disruptions and conflict of personalities than anything else. The latter will be addressed when we change schools.

As to the important work that Isaac needs to complete, you may forward me an outline of the lesson plans that you are trying to have completed.  I have already acknowledged that homework was missed last week will be made up this week and that is well within his capacity. He is not attending swimming and so you may be surprised by the level and extent of work he completes without the distraction of classmates.

For his absence next week, I will happily assist him complete set work while away.  I understand that this is by no means ideal, but this is the short term situation for Isaac.

I hope that you appreciate why I am annoyed by handling of the ‘pizza incident’ and my reluctance to meet to discuss it.  You are welcome to phone me to discuss it further, however, like you, I work full time and so am not always able to discuss things at a time convenient to only you.  My direct number is 040 272 9763.  Our land line is 07 3137 1142 (note, this would only be answered after hours).



Hi Linda

I understand that you are upset about the pizza delivery issue and I have raised it with all students involved.  As this issue involves students in my class I felt that it would be appropriate to deal with the issue.  I am not accusing anyone, just trying to establish facts.  As you could appreciate trying to get a consistent story from students can be confusing at times.  You are not the only parent that I have tried to make contact with, but you are the parent of the child at the centre of the issue.

I am sorry that you feel this way in the dealing with the above incident, I hope that you can find time in your schedule to meet as I think it would be in the best interest for Isaac.

Mr May


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  • 1. Tom Stanley  |  November 25, 2008 at 10:45 am

    I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

  • 2. Adam  |  January 12, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Mr May can go bite the big one. Outside school hours, off school property? Not his concern. This smacks of ‘Oh shit, better look like i’m doing something before I get reamed again’.


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