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In amongst the angst and mayhem of the xmas and new year period is a secret favourite of mine…  ‘top’  lists.   You know the ones… “Top 10 Hottest Men Wearing Leopard Print Mankinis”,  “2008 Top 100 Songs to Conceive Teenage Pregnancy”,  or my personal favourite, “Top 50 Most Embarrassing Moments for Britney in 2008” (surely ‘Womaniser’ is No.1?!).

Cable TV programmers love this time of year.  No need to worry about demographics, viewer ratings, or purchasing new seasons of, well, anything really.  Just days and days of programming ‘Top’ moments lists and ‘marathons’.

I’d be more inclined to watch if they top tenned their marathons…  “Sex in the City – Top 10 Episodes that involve the word Vulva”  or “Friends Mini Marathon – Top 10 episodes of Joey being typecast as a dumb Italian”.

MTV could streamline their Top 100 countdowns also… “Top 100 Songs for your Dirty, lying ex who broke your heart and cheated on you” or  “Top 100 Artists that should never have won a Grammy or any other award for that matter” (omg Britney could be Queen of top countdown lists this year!).

I digress.  I like Top Ten lists.  They amuse me – mostly because someone has been paid to compile them.  Seriously, imagine that as your job!  “Stacey, this week I need you to go through all 296 issues of these magazines and find the top 10 worst VPLs.  We’re doing a fat arse feature next week.” Actually, given my past year, this scenerio isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination (the list compiling, not the VPLs…).

So in the spirit of December 2008, I am issuing my own Top List in response to a sappy “Top 10 love songs of 2008” article I read today.  Such bad taste, I feel, needs to be countered in order for the fabric of the universe to be rebalanced just a little.

If I had paid any attention whats-so-ever to the music of 2008, I may have been able to compile a list.  Though I doubt that a list comprising of 2008 released songs would rebalance much…

So without further ado, the following is my list of all time songs I attach to love, loved ones, and love ending (ok, the ones I could think of tonight).  Be warned:  we are going back in time… all the way to the 90s!

Ani Difranco  Hypnotized

The Cruel Sea   Woman with Soul

Ani Difranco  Shameless

Ben Kweller    Believer

Sineah O’Connor  Dancing Lessons

Ani Difranco     Overlap

Blur Tender

Red Hot Chilli Peppers   I Could’ve Lied

Jeff Buckley   Last Goodbye

Sinead O’Connor  Last Day of Our Acquaintance

Don’t judge me – your collection is equally as tacky.


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