Teen boys + social media

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This week my son was given a beating at school.  It was an unprovoked act of teenage peer pressure, instigated on Facebook and cumulating at the school lunch break.

My son was sat eating his lunch when the perpetrator (let’s call him Ms P), approached him from the side and began to pummel my son in the head.  Though my son protected his head, the incident resulted in bruising to his jaw, ear, chest and hand, as well as a split lip.  For Ms P, the incident resulted in a weeks suspension from school.

One the day the incident happened, my fury was quite contained.  Suffice to say it was channeled through the idea of pressing assault charges.  I was quietly calm about the idea that going to the police would teach this boy he’s not the grand alpha male he thinks he is.

That was Monday.  Today is Thursday and my fury has turned to worry.

My son’s face didn’t bruise up so the day following the incident I sent him back to school.  The point being to show all that he wasn’t ‘messed’ up and Ms P wasn’t all that.  My son received taunts.  The alpha male dancing began with boys defending Ms P saying that he wasn’t using his full force…  that my son was pretty messed up no matter the lack of bruising.  He was given crap by other kids for going to the police, so, rightly so, my son blamed me for bringing in the police.

Taunts, I promised to my son.  Nothing but teen hot air being blown to save face.

On Wednesday, I allowed my son to stay home.  In his absence from school and Facebook, Ms P and one of his friends posted that they couldn’t wait to action their assassination plan.  No names named, but implication is that there is a “plan” and it involves some form of further attack on my son.

Today, the threats at school came thicker and harder.  “I’ll bash you if you go to the cops”.

I can see the stress on my son’s face.  His reluctance and fear of going to school is palatable.  I see him on the verge of tears, caught between the fury of injustice and fury at himself for seeking the easy way out and changing schools.

I’m left helpless and racked with guilt.  It’s my job to protect him, to reassure him.  Yet how can I do that when I too am worried about his safety?

If I thought they were just going to smack him in the head and walk off, my fear would be less.  But all it takes is one wrong hit…  one fall to the ground the wrong way…  one knife wound to an organ…

I’ve fought so hard to raise my son away from a life of violence and instability.  Away from abusive behaviour and negativity. To have everything I have fought so hard for taken away in just a single, simple, stupid incident has me livid.

Seeing my son so stressed and upset tears me apart.  I’m supposed to be his protector; his rock.  But I don’t feel like it.

I hate the idea that the bullies and so called gang kids might win.  But the breadth of control in my power is to go to the police and be there to pick up isaac up before time every day… if not change schools.

Yet the guilt of it all remains, and I’m left praying to entities I don’t believe in that something will change and tomorrow will be a better day without a threat to his safety.





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