Dig Deeper

August 18, 2014 at 7:55 am Leave a comment

And dig deeper, dig deeper this time
Down beneath the impossible pain of our history
Beneath unknown bones
Beneath the bedrock of the mystery
Beneath the sewage systems and the PATH train
Beneath the cobblestones and the water mains
Beneath the traffic of friendships and street deals
Beneath the screeching of kamikaze cab wheels
Beneath everything I can think of to think about


Dig deeper, dig deeper this time.

To a place I don’t know I have.  To a place of soft resolve.

Dig deeper and deeper still.

Don’t look up.  Don’t gauge the depth of your tunnel.  Just dig deeper.

Beneath the fears, the sadness and the shame.

Beneath the lies, the confusion and the blame.

Beneath the insecurities and regrets

Beneath the fatigue, the loneliness and the pain.

Dig deeper.

To that place of solid rock.  To that place where I can steady my feet.

Dig deeper and deeper still.

Not for myself but for the one I love.

Dig deeper through the darkness and damp.

Dig deeper to break his fall.







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