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Teen boys + social media

This week my son was given a beating at school. It was an unprovoked act of teenage peer pressure, instigated on Facebook and cumulating at the school lunch break.


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Push Pull

I wish he knew what he wanted and the courage to commit. I’m not asking a lot – just either push me to arm’s length and leave me their to remain, or pull me close and enclose me with your embrace.

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Is that it?!

I just want to shout “Is that it? Is your adult angst hinging on your mother’s love? Are you honestly amplifying her acts of motherly kindness into mole hills of Mumageddon!? Glorifying how much you don’t need her any longer and exemplifying how much of an ungrateful arse you can be?!”

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Arrogant Fool

So I’ve been told, by more than one person on more than one occasion, that I am arrogant; that I regard my opinion more highly than that of others, that I think I am better at things than other people.

It’s not that statement confronts me, nor would I vehemently deny it. I just disagree with it a little

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I make the mistake of saying “Just be honest with me”… And somewhere between me verbalising and their responding, that statement seems to be twisted into “Just say whatever comes into your head with no regard for anyone else…”

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Downward day

The stress of this year is pinching at my spine, my neck to more exact.

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Tiring Teachers

Hi Linda,

I am a bit concerned about an incident that happened over the weekend involving Isaac, a few female students and a mysterious pizza delivery.

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