Treading Water

Lost at sea, I see your hands wailing.
I swim to your side
I take a breath and dive under
Pull your body onto my buoy.


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Teen boys + social media

This week my son was given a beating at school. It was an unprovoked act of teenage peer pressure, instigated on Facebook and cumulating at the school lunch break.

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In my younger days, I used to boast that I was ok with being alone. A warrior spirit that could not be tamed. Too independent for couple-dom; too deliberate for shared chaos.

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George Francis Graham

My grandfather passed away yesterday. I know that it is customary to feel something more than inconvenience at a family members death, but I don’t.

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I don’t recall the date I left him. There is no anniversary to be had. To be honest, I can’t even tell you the month. I know it was a week day…

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An eulogy not to be spoken

Life, for me, hasn’t been about a quest to the pearly gates or a better life on the other side. This is it. This moment. This shared experience. This breath.

I remember a stage in my life where those thoughts overwhelmed me – when the concept of having no purpose to be here but to be here seemed rather pointless. What difference would it matter then, if i weren’t here?

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He’s such a funny poppet; a collection of contridictions, unfounded assumptions, and unbounded affections.

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